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Understanding Waterproof Degrees

If you want the best products for your needs, be sure to check the bag's waterproof degree. These 5 waterproof degrees give you information about the bag's water resistance. Going from 1 to 5, you need to choose accordingly to your activity. With these informations, enjoy all your outdoor activites with your mind at peace !

* IP refers to International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529.
All our products follow the 5 waterproofs degrees as follows:

  • IP x1

Waterproof in light rain or spash

  • IP x2
IP x2

Waterproof in Heavy rain

  • IP x4
IP x4

It floats or it can resist quick submersions

  • IP x6
IP x6

Submersible to at most 1 meter

  • IP x7
IP x7

Submersible to depths greater than 6 meters