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What Makes Our Bags Unique

Our Core Competitiveness

Keep yourself water resistant is the key factor for a successful outdoor experience. The high frequency technology and the unique roll seal system enable a reliable waterproof character for our products. Insisting on superior design and superior quality, BW offers a perfect combination of high-performance and good look.

Innovation In Design

BW products are waterproof, they are also more than waterproof. Multifunction and extendability are the core conceptions written in BW’s blood. Make the accessories detachable to realize a multifunctional usage, extend the bags with no reduction to its waterproof character, BW innovates waterproof industry by an incomparable design.

  • High Frequency Welding

    The process of stitching creates thousands of small holes which reduce the ability of the bag to keep water out. But the former waterproof seal often peels away, reducing the lifespan of the bag’s waterproof status. To avoid this problem, quality waterproof bags are constructed through high frequency welding. High frequency welding uses electromagnetic waves to heat and melt the materials to create a join. This technique enables the fibres to join together and creates a strong, durable and waterproof seal.

  • Durable Fabric

    With a flexible usage of Vinyl, PU and TPU, BW’s collection gains a good feedback from consumers with its durability and high-waterproofness. The fabric diversity also crowns BW products a fashion taste, especially for its Urban Range products.

  • Best Accessories

    To offer an extraordinary performance, BW cooperates with most reputable brands of fasteners and zippers. Duraflex is a world famous accessory brand for outdoor sport equipment, it ranks as the most used brand of plastic fasteners in the world. Winhigh is an emerging brand of fasteners, though newly-born, Winhigh has already been appreciated by numerous famous brands.